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In recent years, CoolWhist and India together through the Mid-Autumn festival

     The annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming, CoolWhist  group  headquarters leadership with Chinese style the moon cake and other Chinese characteristic cakes sympathy India branch staff...
India mumbai electronics attention, through this exhibition of opportunity, CoolWhist  group between the two company staff held a face-to-face Mid-Autumn festival party,
     Though, the culture of China and India have  many difference,  this does not affect sino-indian employees understand each other’s enthusiasm, the party, and showed the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival is culture, eating moon cakes, the two company more like a family.
     Unity and friendship has been CoolWhist  group, part of the brand concept, with the overseas company’s unceasing increase,CoolWhist  group, the family will into more countries and peoples, we always insist on with the most sincere side of each branch of unity, fraternity and partner, let the home of the element in the cool titanium special group reveal light.

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